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NEW Middle School Uniform Information

Announcement for all Parents/Guardians of Phifer Middle School Students




The Board believes school dress can influence student behavior and enhance a school’s learning environment.  Therefore, the Board adopted a School Uniform Provision of the Dress and Grooming Policy (5511) to require students at all schools to wear a school uniform.


The Board approved a change to the HPMS uniform shirts in July 2016 to be phased in over this next school year.  The color will not change but the shirt now includes a new HPMS school logo.  Students also have the option to purchase a Columbia blue crew neck sweatshirt with the school logo. The Columbia Blue shirt and sweatshirt with the HPMS logo will promote school pride as well as being unique to the middle school.


In addition, the gym uniform has changed to include a Columbia blue T shirt with HPMS Phys. Ed logo and red shorts with no logo. 


The purchase of the new uniform and gym shirt is NOT required for the 2016-2017 school year. We encourage parents to purchase the new shirts with the school logo for your child this year, however.  If you have already purchased uniform shirts for the coming year, do not worry as your child will be compliant with school policy this year.  The uniform shirt and gym shirt with the HPMS logo will be mandatory for the following school year 2017-2018.


The new uniform clothing can be purchased using the form found on this website and at the middle school office.  Questions may be directed to the Middle School Principal, Mr. Tom Honeyman at 856-662-8511.


Thank you.



HPMS Uniform Order Form