Delair Elementary School



    Welcome to Delair School!


    I hope that the summer months are being filled with fun, relaxing, and exciting learning experiences. I look forward to this school year becoming an extension of that summer fun through some exciting and new challenges as we embark upon another wonderful school year.

    As a student of Delair Elementary School we expect that you will take advantage of every learning opportunity available; perform your best on all academic tasks; respect yourself and others; contribute to the development of a positive learning environment; and develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

    The staff at Delair Elementary School is here to assist students in meeting the expectations listed above. A positive and safe atmosphere has been cultivated into an environment that places heavy emphasis on the value of learning. Learning experiences and activities will be meaningful and challenging to all students. In addition, classroom activities will be focused on student involvement and a hands-on approach to learning.

    I am excited about the plans for the upcoming school year and look forward to working with all the students and their families as we strive to make the school year a successful experience for everyone.

    I look forward to greeting everyone at “Back To School Night” in September!

    Mrs. Rosalyn Lawrence



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