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  • Greetings Ben Franklin Family and Welcome to Summer. Click the link to your right for the 17-18 school supply list.
    Be safe and enjoy your summer. Read, play with numbers and write daily.   
    School hours are from 8:45am to 3:37 pm. All student arrival is 8:45am on the black top. At Ben Franklin kindergarten students arrive on the black top next to our playground. All other students arrive on the blacktop at Collins & Finlaw avenues. 

     The Theme for the month is "Bicycle Safety ."

    Breakfast & Lunch envelopes are for the following week. Envelopes are due back the next school day.  

    Please check your child's folder daily for homework, meal envelopes and teacher communications.


    Each month ensure your contact information is current.  


    In an effort to realize a rewarding school year for you and your children, I would like to review a few of the basic policies and procedures at Franklin Elementary School.

    Picking up and dropping off students during the school day: 
    • Please notify the teacher in writing when you are picking up your child early or if there is a change in transportation for them on any particular day.
    • If a student arrives after 9:05 AM, he or she is late and must sign in at the main office.
    • If you know your child will be later than 9:15 AM, please call the office so that they will not cancel your child’s lunch.  Lunch cancellations begin promptly at 9:20 AM

     Lunch drop off 

    • Please label your child’s lunch with name and teacher.
    • Remind your child he or she has to report to the office to pickup their lunch.
    • As stated earlier, if you know your child will be arriving after 9:15 AM, please call the office so that their lunch will not be cancelled.


     Absences/Lateness - 5 Late arrivals = 1 unexcused absence

    • Absences from school should be accompanied by a doctor’s note upon return.  Any lateness due to a doctor’s appointment should also have a doctor’s note.  Excessive absences and lateness effects your child’s learning and will result in possible letters from district’s investigator’s office.


     Discipline report: 

    • If a student is sent to the principal due to misbehaving, a discipline report may go home in an envelope.  

     Please pay close attention to the policies mentioned below.  Compliance with these policies will have a strong, positive impact on our “scholarly climate”.  We practice our scholarly climate daily and it is the foundation for success at Franklin School. 

      1. Walk quietly
      2. Stay seated
      3. Raise your hand


     Objects brought to school: 

    • Toys, electronic games, CD players, cell phones, etc. are not permitted in school.
    • Weapons or objects that resemble weapons are not permitted in school.  That includes but not limited to :
      • Knives (real or toy)
      • Guns (real or toy)
      • Caps, firecrackers, matches, etc.

    If detected, the student may be suspended out of school and not permitted back until they appear before the Board of Education and/or the school principal and psychologist/counselor.  In addition, exclusion from extracurricular activities may be implemented. 



    • Threats of any type, physical contact, etc., to another student or staff member are punished by consequences in and/or out of school plus exclusion from extracurricular activities such as field trips, etc. 
    • If you think child is being bullied, please contact us immediately. Our Anti-Bully Specialist is Marge Gaffney and her number is 662-6455 Ext. 7106 ( Our district Anti-Bully Specialist is Mike McGovern and his number is 662-8500 Ext. 5219 (
    • Our HIB score is 51 for Franklin out of 78.


    Birthday Celebrations: 

    • Cupcakes and other food items are not permitted in celebrations of birthdays.  This is a district policy, which speaks to so many food allergies.  In addition, please do not distribute birthday party invitations in the classroom unless every child is invited.  This year the classroom teacher will have ways for the students to celebrate their special day.

    These policies and practices are to ensure the safety and well being of all Franklin students.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

    Landrus E. Lewis, Sr.


    Ben Franklin Elementary School 

    856-662-6455  x7101




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