• March 2018 Bond Referendum

    The Pennsauken School District is asking residents to consider a bond referendum that will make significant improvements to every public school throughout the Township. The vote, to be held on Tuesday, March 13, will allocate almost $36 million for various initiatives, while actually reducing school taxes for Pennsauken households.

    The proposed referendum addresses a variety of projects in every part of the District, including new security vestibules at all schools; capital improvement to elementary schools with new windows and doors; the establishment of all-day pre-school; the demolition of an aging Longfellow Elementary and the erection of a comprehensive community park and playground in the school’s old footprint; the addition of three new science labs and two additional classrooms at Phifer Middle School; the transformation of Roosevelt Elementary into a high-tech magnet high school, with the addition of a brand new gymnasium; extensive renovations at Pennsauken High School, with improvement being made to the auditorium, library, locker rooms, and gymnasium; construction of a plumbing lab, a new field house, and new tennis courts at the high school; and more.

    Referendum Basics