BOE Meeting Information

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    Business Meetings
    Business Meetings are those at which the Board of Education acts on the vast majority of items under its jurisdiction. The meetings are open to the public and citizens are allowed to speak during Public Comment portions of the meeting.


    Executive Session

    Executive Meetings are conducted when the Board of Education must review and discuss confidential matters. These sessions can be held during the Work Session or Business meetings or as a separate meeting on a different time and day. Topics for discussion in Executive session would include legal matters, personnel matters, student matters and contract matters.  These meetings are not open to the public.  Any discussion held by the Board in Executive Session that need not remain confidential will be made public.  Matters still pending and under discussion will not be disclosed to the public until the need for confidentiality no longer exists.


    Special meetings

    When it is necessary to schedule additional Board meetings, a minimum of 48 hours for legal public notice must be provided.  Examples of special meetings include budget meetings, Board Retreat meetings or Student hearings. Special meetings may require Executive Session as well.


    When May Visitors Speak At Meetings?

    The Pennsauken Board of Education recognizes that the schools are a concern of all members of our community.  Therefore, public comment is afforded to all citizens at Business meetings. Public comments on agenda items only are heard at the beginning of these meetings.  At the end of the meetings, public comment on any matter of interest or concern may be voiced.   If an individual wishes to give public comment, the following are required:


    • The person must give their full name and address before speaking.
    • Individuals with a relevant interest in the function or duties of the Board are invited to speak a maximum of two (2) minutes on any one issue and twenty (20) minutes total.
    • The BOE respectfully suggests that those with concerns first attempt to resolve their matter by speaking directly to the school administrators before bringing it the Board.
    • All comments should always be respectful, non-defamatory, and should maintain a level of decorum appropriate for a meeting of a public body.