• Welcome to Pennsauken Public Schools Central Administration! Our Central Administration team consists of the Superintendent of Schools, the Business Administrator/ Board Secretary, the Director of Elementary Education, the Director of Curriculum, the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Special Services.
    • The Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative officer for Pennsauken Public Schools. This individual manages the daily operations of the entire school district. For more detailed information, see BOE Policy 1230
    • The Business Administrator is the chief financial officer for Pennsauken Public Schools. This individual manages all financial operations for the entire district. This position is a dual position which includes that of Board Secretary. The responsibilities of the Board Secretary include, but are not limited to, scheduling all meetings at the direction of the BOE, keeping minutes of all meetings and handling all correspondence for the Board. (see BOE Policy 1320)
    • The Director of Elementary Education is responsible for planning, programming, and monitoring the educational program in grades Pre-K through 8. This individual is responsible for English as a Second Language programming and home instruction.
    • The Director of Curriculum helps to plan for and revise, when needed, the educational programming of the district in accordance with state mandates. 
    • The Director of Human Resources manages all personnel related issues in the district including recruiting, hiring, medical and personal leaves, including FMLA, mandated staff training, and staff benefits issues.

Central Administration Building